Day 24

I’m bored. Bored of my food, bored of the restrictions, bored of having to eat eggs! I know that I should try to get more variety, but man, it’s so hard to do that when you’re busy with a baby and working full time. I have to spend so much time on other things that I just don’t have the energy (or inclination) so spend hours looking up other recipes. But, it’s the weekend tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to do a little bit of meal planning then…

Today was more sweet potato toast with eggs, although this time I put in the spicy mushrooms made last night and topped it with a tomato.


I had an unexpected lunch out with my mother-in-law, and got a beef and chicken salad. I’m pretty sure that the meat would have had some kind of sugar in their marinade but I made the healthiest choice I could find! I also passed up on work drinks and had to explain again what I’m doing. Half the people look at me like I’m crazy and the other half are like, yep, totally get that.

Dinner was a beef red curry which wasn’t the best unfortunately. The cauliflower rice was very old and had started to turn a bit, and there was a bit of a communication error that meant that the curry paste was mixed into the coconut cream, rather than fried off in the pan. That meant the end result was a bit oily and not as pleasant as it should have been… (And so even though I did take a photo I don’t think you really want to see it!)

But, no snacking today so that was really good! I also made a Whole30 compliant ketchup/tomato sauce tonight which didn’t really turn out very well unfortunately – I don’t think I soaked the dates long enough. But I’m sure I’ll work out a way to use it.

Looking forward to the weekend…


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